Hasso: Those who reject KNK initiative aim to thwart it

The PYD co-chair explained that the parties and blocs rejecting the KNK-Rojava initiative have foreign agendas and aim to thwart the initiative through the allegations they promote.

On January 1, 2019, the Kurdistan National Congress – Rojava(KNK-Rojava) held an emergency meeting with political parties and blocs which resulted in a decision to launch an initiative to unite the Kurdish ranks in Rojava.

A committee was formed to discuss with Kurdish parties, blocs and personalities. After holding a series of meetings, 28 parties and blocs in Rojava and northern and eastern Syria joined the initiative.

The co-chair of the PYD, Aisha Hasso, explained that the KNK-Rojava Committee has played an important role in unifying the Kurdish ranks and has an active role to protect the Kurdish gains achieved in the region and its people, adding “PYD supports this committee, all its activities, and objectives aimed at unifying the Kurdish ranks, especially its recent initiative launched in this context, and the party's position is clear, frank and supportive."

The Kurdistan National Congress Committee (KNK-Rojava) held a series of meetings with the 28 parties and blocs that joined the initiative, but some Kurdish parties declined to join the initiative without giving reasons.

Those who reject the KNK initiative are linked to external agendas

In this regard, Hasso explained: "The absence of some political parties, including Kurdish parties and personalities in Rojava, from the initiative, shows the extent of their association with foreign agendas, especially the agendas of Turkey in the region, and this has become clear and indisputable, and their silence on Turkish violations against the Kurdish people is proof."

Recently, the Kurdistan National Congress Committee  intensified discussions with Kurdish parties and blocs to reach out to the parties that evade the initiative, noting that those parties, primarily the Kurdish National Council, rejected this and created fake excuses, including the Kurdish National Council's claim that the Kurdistan National Congress is linked to Democratic Union Party(PYD).

The PYD co-chair stated that the aim of these allegations is to move away from the Kurdish unification initiative. adding: "This promotion is untrue. The general Kurdish people know what this committee is, what its objectives are, what it seeks, its areas of deployment, and the initiative launched by the Kurdistan National Congress - Rojava, currently supported by more than 28 political parties and blocs, as well as Kurdish civil society institutions and personalities.

Parties rejecting the KNK initiative aim to thwart it

Aisha Hasso criticized the allegations promoted by those parties, and said: "Those who represent this initiative demonstrate the extent of these allegations, and the aim of these allegations is to undermine the will of so many Kurdish political parties and blocs participating in the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress, and paralyze this initiative, which will fail schemes waged against Rojava and the Kurdish people."

Aisha Hasso explained that everyone has the right to join the initiative of the Kurdistan National Congress, and said: "We are also participating in this initiative such as the participation of other parties, and political blocs in Rojava and the region, believing in its noble objectives, and everyone who lags behind the initiative to unify the Kurdish rank in Rojava. It is linked to foreign agendas, as we mentioned headed by Turkey, which is hostile and fighting the Kurdish people.

On the impact of the non-participation of parties rejecting the initiative in the future, Hasso said that the Kurdish people have become aware of the truth, and is able to distinguish between the parties aimed at achieving the gains of the Kurdish people, and those seeking to weaken them, adding: "the people explained their position the direction of these parties and the people is the decision-maker."

The PYD's co-chair, Aisha Hasso, called on all parties to support  the initiative, noting,: "we in the party continue to appeal to the need to unite the Kurdish ranks, in order to discuss our problems at the same table and resolve them internally, the initiative and its objectives are clear, so that everyone must join it and let us be fit for the great sacrifices made by the Kurdish people."



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