Hawar News Agency Center plan 8-10-2020

-Follow-up of the events taking place in the regions of northern and eastern Syria. Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.

 -The notables of the al-Hol clans explained that the goal of the assassinations is to drag the region into a sectarian war, and to sow discord between the SDF and the clans.

-The writer and journalist Malvan Rasul explained that the struggle of Leader Abdullah Ocalan does not violate the decisions and standards of the United Nations, because it is legitimate. He indicated that the Committee Against Torture and Violence CPT did not fulfill its duty regarding what the leader Abdullah Ocalan is subjected to.

-The families of the martyrs made it clear that their sons defended their honor. No one has the right to speak about them badly. They indicated that those who try to distort the image of the Syrian Democratic Forces aim to keep ISIS mercenaries. (Attached with pictures and video).

-Fighters from the Al-Bujamil clan in Deir Ezzor city said: External parties tried to exploit the passion of the people of the region by targeting the notables of their clans, to incite them against the Syrian Democratic Forces, stressing that the clansmen would not allow the security of their areas to be compromised. (Attached with pictures and video).


 -The Syrian government forces supported by Russia have intensified sending reinforcements to the fronts of Idlib countryside, while the Turkish occupation continues to send reinforcements as well, amid talk of an upcoming military operation, so where are developments heading to?  

 -The Vice of the Co-presidency of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria Hamdan Al-Abed indicated that there are cells linked to the Syrian and Turkish regimes that work directly on creating strife. Al-Abed considered that provoking clan fighting is one of the special methods of warfare against the people of northeast Syria.

-The writer and researcher on political affairs, Daham Al-Satam, indicated that many parties seek to create discord and differentiate between the components of northern and eastern Syria, strike the democratic nation project and distract the trust between the people and the SDF by accusing it of assassinating the symbols of the region and its sheikhs. (Attached with pictures and video).


-Lebanon today, as usual, is divided between two teams; The first calls for an international investigation committee into the Beirut port explosion, while another team opposes the international investigation committee, and insists on an internal investigation, arguing that "the aim of the demand is to lose the truth."