Hawar news agency center's daily 19-07-2020

- Follow the course of events taking place in the regions of northeast of Syria.

- Follow-up activities and activities in northeast of Syria.

- Follow up the developments of the second phase of the campaign Counter-Terrorism.

- Northeast of Syria cities and regions celebrate the 8th anniversary of the July 19 Revolution. (Photo and video attached).

- In the patronage of the Yazidi House in Al-Jazeera region, the artist, director of the International Yazidi Forum for Development, Fraternity and Peace, Luqman Sheikmous, will hold a photo exhibition in Qamishlo, entitled (The Tree of Peace for Peace), at 18:00. (Photo and video attached).

- The conference congratulated the 8th anniversary of the July 19 revolution, and appealed to all women and peoples of northern and eastern Syria to escalate the struggle against the Turkish occupation.

Notable called the witnessing clan in the district of Mergada, south of Al-Hasakah canton, all Arab tribes to join forces to repel the attacks and external interference to preserve the gains of the region that were made thanks to the sacrifices of the martyrs. (Photo and video attached).

People of Sheikh Maqsoud and Al-Ashrafiya neighborhoods in Aleppo congratulated the July 19 Revolution. They said that the Rojava Revolution was a breakthrough for the solidarity of the components of the region and their standing before the occupation. They emphasized their continued resistance and struggle in the way of the martyrs. (Photo and video attached).


The Turkish state continues to interfere more in Libya despite the international rejection, under the pretext of concluding agreements with the so-called Accord Government, which according to the stages of the Libyan political process has expired with the conclusion of the Skhirat agreement.


During the Rojava Revolution, women took the principles that the leader Abdullah Ocalan urged in the cause of women's liberation and who praised the "women's revolution" for the victory of peoples' revolutions, so did women reach their goals? Were they able to highlight their role more in international forums? What are the deficiencies and problems that hinder its revolution?

The media professional Sor Kol Sheikho clarified that the Turkish authorities continue to fight the free media in general and the women media professionals within it in particular, in turn, Mona Abdel Salam, the Administrative Member in Sara Organization showed that the practices of the Turkish occupier and its mercenaries in the occupied areas against women are among the war crimes against humanity, appealing to women's and children's rights organizations to urgently intervene (attached with photos and video).

Middle East

The escalation in Syria's Idlib raised, following attacks that attempted to target the Hmeimim base and Russian forces in Syria, and the subsequent Russian bombing of Idlib what observers read as exchanged messages between the two parties, while that coincided with the features of an Egyptian-Turkish escalation in Libya due to The latter's insistence on attacking Sirte.