​​​​​​​Hawar News Agency daily plan 10-20-2020

Follow up the events in the northern and eastern regions of Syria.

  • Follow-up events and activities in northern and eastern Syria.
  • The Youth Council of Al-Raqqa and its countryside organize a march against the practices of the Turkish occupation, in which the people of Al-Raqqa and civil institutions will participate. 10 o'clock (attached with pictures and video).
  • The Military and Civil Council of Al-Raqqa are organizing a celebration marking the third anniversary of the liberation of the city. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • The Civil Protection Forces march in the city of Qamishlo to denounce the Turkish occupation army's attacks on the regions of northeast Syria, and to denounce the isolation imposed on leader Ocalan. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • The people of the city of Dirk funeral the body of the fighter Raman, isolated to the shrine of the martyr Khabat Derik, at exactly 15:00. In front of the city hospital. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • A number of Yazidis from Afrin expressed their rejection of the recent agreement concluded by the Kurdistan Regional Government and the Government of Iraq regarding the administration of Shingal, and said that they know well that “the Turkish state is behind this agreement.” (Attached with photos and video).


  • Ghayath Nu`ais asserted that the role of the Turkish occupation in Syria is negative by all standards and is considered the most dangerous because it is a direct and settler occupation.


  • Under the slogan "With the struggle of Havrin and Zahra, we will end the occupation and guarantee the women's revolution," the activities of the eighth conference of the Kongra Star will be launched at 08:30 in the town of Rumeilan in the Al-Jezira region. (Attached with pictures and video).
  • They have made great efforts that have been successful since the liberation of their city from ISIS mercenaries, they have overcome obstacles and forms of violence against them, and achieved important achievements at all levels. Three years since the revolution of construction and change in their souls. (Attached with pictures and video).

Culture and art

  • A documentary film entitled "Attacks on Rojava" is displayed in the Cultural Center in Tal Hamis district, focusing on the recent Turkish attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria and the occupation of Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî, at 11:00. (Attached with pictures and video).


  • Journalist Necmettin Salaz said that the agreement relating to the status of Shengal is not an agreement between Shingal and Baghdad only, but that the United States of America participates in the agreement, as America seeks to give Turkey a passage in Shingal in exchange for its retreat from its projects in the eastern Mediterranean. (Attached with pictures).