Hawar News Agency’s daily 11-9-2019

- Following the resistance of the Age in its second phase, and following up the situation of the people of Afrin resident in Shahba, and events and activities in support of the resistance to the era.

- Following up the latest developments in the Turkish occupation army attacks on the territories of northern and eastern Syria and Başûr (southern Kurdistan) and the areas of legitimate defense, and the operations of the People’s Defense Forces against the Turkish occupation army.

- Following up the event held by the Syrian Revolutionary Youth Movement in Aleppo under the slogan "In the Spirit of the Martyr Zilan and Akid , with Free Art, We Will Draw the Path of Freedom of Afrin" which includes an exhibition entitled "Moment of Resistance" in Sheikh Maqsoud and Ashrafia neighborhood at the center of the movement at 10:00 (attached with photos) Video).

- The administration of al-Hol camp seeks to curb the spread of the Islamic State mentality, which is promoted within al-Houl camp by ISIS women by teaching their children extremist ideology, through schools that have opened several educational and recreational projects (Attached with photos and videos.)

Jurists said that the Syrian regime's siege on Afrin displaced people in Al-Shahba canton contradicts international laws and customs for the protection of displaced people (Attached with photos and videos).

- The member of Kongra Star Coordination of Afrin, Hadiya Yusuf, referred to Turkey's efforts to remove Afrin from Syria and annexing it to the borders of the Turkish state through the settlement of Turkmen loyal to the Turkish state in the occupied Afrin (Attached with photos and videos).


- Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has claimed that the areas of northern and eastern Syria are a threat to his national security the peoples of the region are fully aware of the falsity of these allegations, and have agreed to a border security mechanism(Attached with photos and videos).