Herkol Book Fair becomes gathering of diverse cultures and religions

The fourth martyr Herkol Book Fair attracted visitors and participation from various components of the regions of northern and eastern Syria, as it became a gathering of diverse cultures and religions in the region.

Arab poets explained that the fair had broken new ground for them to learn about different cultures, religions and societies.

Ahmed Al-Yousef, a poet from Manbij is participating for the third time in a row at the Herkol Book Fair. He talked about the atmosphere and compared the previous posts in the fair and the current one. He said: “I noticed the development of the cultural movement in northeast of Syria. "

Al-Yousef added: "We always aspire to more cultural activities and events, because this reflects to the world the image of northeast of Syria, and the civilization and progress that the region is experiencing."

He also invited Arab writers to participate in, saying: "From this platform, I invite them to participate in the Fair, to get acquainted with the cultures of this region, and because it opened many prospects for us, and made us get to know different cultures and societies. The regions of northeast Syria embrace multiple cultures. "

And about his role in the fair, Al-Yousef indicated that he previously participated in two poetry poems at the Herkol Fair. This year, he participated through one book. He indicated that there is a participation of other writers from the city of  Manbij.

He concluded his speech, wishing the continuous progress and development  and cultural renaissance in Rojava, saying: "Rojava is full of writers, educators and creative people."

As for the poet Mustafa Al-Haj from Al-Tabqa region, about his participation in the Fourth Fair, he explained that: "I was invited by the Union of Intellectuals of Al-Tabqa to participate, as it prepares his first participation in a poetry group entitled Rabi Al-Omar, which is a group composed of 38 poems in total. ".

Regarding the extent of its organization, Al-Hajj indicated: "In general, the atmosphere gave a very civilized image, and the organization was positive and effective. There are some notes but they are very simple that do not affect the course of events."

Al-Haj continued: " We will notice the merging of cultures, as there is a variety of books that talk about different cultures, politics, dates and religions."

Al-Hajj indicated that there is an Arab participation in the fair through books for well-known Arab writers and novelists.

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