Hizam: Kurdish women become symbol of resilience against ISIS and Erdogan's greed

Algerian writer and political analyst, Haddah Hizam, chairwoman of the Algerian Al-Fajr newspaper, condemned the targeting of Kurdish activists and women who face Turkish ambitions in northern Syria with courage and valor.

Hizam in a private dialogue with our news agency called on Kurdish activists to continue their struggles after they became a symbol of resilience in the face of Turkish aggression, calling on the Arab and Islamic countries to stand up to Erdogan's expansionist aspirations, and to support the Egyptian and Syrian position, because Turkey's ambitions will not stop at the borders of Syria or Libya.

The text of the dialogue ..

Why does Turkey consistently target women's movements and organizations?

This is not the first time that Turkey has targeted specifically Syrian and Kurdish women. Last October, it targeted Hevrin Khalaf, leader of the Future Syria Party. A few days ago, It targeted members of the  Kongra Star in a house , the seed of women organization, which deals with Kurdish women's affairs, and killed 3 activists. As for the reason for targeting It is known to all, Syrian women in general, and Kurdish women in particular, have demonstrated great courage in confronting Erdogan's militia in Syria, as they have faced ISIS in defense of their honor and territory, which has led to the martyrdom of fighters who have been a symbol of Kurdish resistance against the Turkish army..   

What is the goal of Turkey of targeting women and 3 women activists from a women's organization in northeast of Syria, especially in the city of Kobani?

Kurdish women activists are targeted by the Turkish army, because the valor of the Kurdish woman vis-à-vis the Turkish army and its affiliated armed groups has become a role model in Syria. The story of the Kurdish martyr, Barin Kobani, who was captured by Turkish soldiers and tortured and killed in the city of Afrin two years ago, revealed the brutality of the Turkish presence in Syria, especially in the Kurdish regions. It understands that Kurdish women are the ones who push men to resist, and do not hesitate to bear arms. There are many stories of championships for Kurdish women circulated in the global media.
In your opinion, at the current stage and at a time when women have proven themselves in the Syrian war, especially against ISIS and Turkey's attacks, what should women, especially women's movements and organizations, do about the policy of denying the will of women?

 I think that the Syrian woman and the Kurdish woman who found themselves forced to fight ISIS and its ally Turkey after the girls and women were the target of ISIS to enslave them, in what was known as the Al-Nikah Jihad , and forced the society to change its outlook towards it, should continue its struggle against the negative view of society, having won recognition of its role in arms and courage and paid martyrs in exchange for this. Women and international and international organizations must support the struggles of Syrian and Kurdish women as well as Yezidis in Iraq. All the women who were enslaved by ISIS and sold them in the slave markets, killing all those who tried to resist.

What is the end of the silence of the guarantor countries for the continued violations of Turkey on the region?

The transgressions of the Turks no longer target women, and Arab and Islamic countries should stand up to Erdogan's expansionist ambitions, and support the Egyptian and Syrian position, because Turkey's ambitions will not stop at the borders of Syria or Libya.

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