Houthis announce deaths, injuries of Saudi forces in Hajjah

Houthis announced that the dead and wounded from the Saudi and Yemeni forces by shelling targeted them in the province of Hajja northwest of Yemen.

Ansar Allah Houthi group said through its media center account on Twitter that it launched artillery shelling on Saudi and Yemeni military gatherings in al-Tawal border crossing in Haradh district, opposite Jizan sector in southwest Saudi Arabia.

According to the Center, artillery shelling resulted in dozens of deaths and injuries among the Saudi and Yemeni military.

The shelling came hours after the Houthis announced control of positions of the Yemeni army during an offensive operation launched by its fighters against government forces, after they broke the march towards al-Tawal border crossing in the Directorate of Haradh located in Hajjah province.

In the same context, Yemeni soldiers were killed and wounded by similar shelling carried out by the group's fighters on gatherings of Yemeni forces in a triangle in the district of Haradh and its west.

In addition, the Houthis fired a homemade rocket type Zelzal 1 "range of 3 kilometers" and a number of artillery shells on Yemeni forces, including vehicles in the Directorate of Hiran, northwest of Hajja, which resulted in deaths and injuries.




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