Houthis: we attacked vital installations in Saudi Arabia

The Houthis announced on Monday that they had carried out attacks on the airports of Abha and Najran and King Khalid Air Base in Saudi Arabia.

A spokesman for the Houthis said that this "targeting is the embodiment of the promise of the leader of the revolution to painful blows and widening the circle of targeting, in response to the crimes of aggression, siege and raids," according to Masira channel reported related to the Houthis.

He added that "the guided air force has carried out large operations on the Abha International Airport and the base of King Khalid Air and Najran Airport by Qasef aircraft," noting that "the first operation targeted UAVs emplacements at Najran airport, and the target was directly hit, causing disruption of air navigation at the airport, while the second operation targeted important and sensitive military positions at King Khalid Air Base in Khamis Mushait in Asir and the target was accurately hit. "

The spokesman also pointed out that "the third operation targeted airfields and other targets at Abha International Airport and hit targets with high accuracy and caused disruption of air navigation at the airport."

The Saudi authorities did not comment on this announcement.

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