HPG: Turkish occupation received heavy blows

The media center of the People Defense Forces(HPG) issued a statement in regard of the attacks of the Turkish occupation army on Başûr in which it asserted that the Turkish occupation received heavy blows and that the Turkish occupation is reversing the facts on the ground to hide its losses and it claims to launch a new operation in front of the public opinion. 

The Media Center  of (HPG-BİM) issued a written statement on the occupation attacks on the territory of South Kurdish.

The statement said:

"The occupation attacks continue on the area of ​​Khakurk in the areas of Medya, where the warplanes and helicopters of the Turkish occupation Forces at 19:40 on July 13 and at 01:00 on July 14, attacked both the area of ​​martyr Britan and the martyr Ahmed and Shukri, at the same time, enemy forces launched a landing operation in the Shukri-Sabi area and the Martyr Ahmed hill by Sikorski helicopters and occupied the area.

At this stage, the Turkish special war media announce victory and promote a second operation. The Turkish occupation army, which has used all the modern technologies it possesses and bombards the mountains of Kurdistan without interruption, is faced by HPG every second. The Turkish occupation army, which receives blows from HPG on a daily basis, turns the facts to hide its defeats and hints to start a new operation in front of public opinion. The occupation forces believe that they have taken control of the area once they control some hills, but the impact of HPG on the ground will be very strong and will respond strongly and strike the Turkish occupation state.

In these attacks, there were no casualties in our ranks.

On 14 July, at 00:30 hours, Turkish warplanes bombed the Kesta area of ​​Mtina in the Medya areas without causing any casualties among our forces. "



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