HRE: 13 terrorists killed in Mare, Shirawa

HRE has carried out effective operations against the Turkish army and their affiliated jihadist gangs in the Mare region and the town of Shirawa.

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE), issued a statement on its operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries.

The statement said:

On August 4th our forces carried out an effective operation against the Jabha Al-Shamiye jihadists in the vicinity of Mare. Our forces targeted a military vehicle which contained a number of jihadists. As a result, the military vehicle was destroyed and 4 jihadists were killed and a further 2 were injured.

On August 5th our forces carried out a number of operations against the positions of Turkish-backed jihadist groups on the village of Berade in Shirawa. Our forces infiltrated a base of the jihadists and clashes broke out between our forces and the jihadists. As a result. 2 jihadists were killed and a base belonging to the jihadists was destroyed

Simultaneously, when a number of jihadists attempted to evacuate the bodies of those killed from the region, our forces targeted them with a sabotage operation. As a result of this, 2 jihadists were killed.

On the other side of the same village (Berade) our forces detonated a mine where a number of jihadists were gathered. As a result of this, 5 jihadists were killed.

As a balance sheet for the operations carried out in the village of Berade: 9 jihadists were killed and a number of armament was confiscated. The confiscated armament is as follows: 2 AK-4, 2 magazine vests, 12 magazines and 2 telephones.

Afrin Liberation Forces


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