HRE: 3 different operations  carried out against Turkish-backed jihadists in Afrin

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE),  said that their forces carried out 3 different military operations against the invading Turkish army and their gangs in 3 different regions of Afrin.

HRE issued a statement regarding its operations that carried out against the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in Afrin and the surrounding areas, the statement noted:

"On June 16th, a sabotage mission was carried out by our forces against a military vehicle belonging to the Ahrar Al-Sham gang on the road between Afrin city center and Jindires town. As a result, 1 terrorist was killed and 2 were injured and also the targeted vehicle was destroyed.

On June 17th, one of our sabotage units carried out a sabotage operation against a military base belonging to Turkish-backed jihadists in the Velat neighbourhood in Afrin. Until now we have not been able to confirm the result of this operation.

On June 17th, our forces carried out a sabotage operation against a military vehicle belonging the Turkish-backed jihadist gang Firqa 23 on the road between the village of Hamam and Haj Iskender of Jindires tiwn. As a result of this operation 1 Turkish-backed terrorist was heavily injured and the vehicle was damaged.

As a result of the operations carried out by our forces, 1 Turkish-backed terrorist was confirmed killed and 3 were confirmed injured. "

Afrin Liberation Forces

June 18th 2019


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