HRE: 7 Turkish soldiers eliminated in Afrin

HRE revealed the results of two operations carried out in Afrin and confirmed the elimination of seven Turkish soldiers and the injury of two high-ranking officers.

The Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) issued today a statement to the public opinion, saying that its fighters killed seven Turkish soldiers.

The statement noted

""Seven Turkish occupation soldiers killed in Shirawa district

Our forces are demonstrating great resistance against the attacks of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries and their indiscriminate shelling on civilian areas in the villages of Shera and Shirawa districts.

In this framework:

On August 09, our forces carried out two specific operations targeting the Turkish occupation machinery and checkpoints in the village of Kemara in Shirawa district of Afrin, where our forces confirmed the results of the two operations as follows: One of the dealers with the occupation killed.

As for the second operation, our forces targeted a point where Turkish occupation soldiers were stationed in the village where it was completely destroyed, in which seven Turkish soldiers were killed and two high-ranking officers were seriously injured, where three helicopters of the occupation were mobilized to transport the dead and wounded to hospitals inside Turkey."



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