HRE: At least 12 mercenaries killed in special operation in Azaz

12 mercenaries of the Turkish occupation were killed and others were wounded by   special operations carried out by HRE in Azaz area.


Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) issued a statement revealing the results of operations carried out by their forces in the area of Azaz against mercenaries of the Turkish occupation, which said:

Our forces continue their special operations against the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries, and carry out more operations in Afrin and the surrounding areas.

On March 1, our forces targeted two points of concentration of the mercenaries of Ferqet al-Motasem of the Turkish occupation in the vicinity of the village of Kiljbreen of Azaz area, where clashes broke out between our forces and mercenaries, during which eight mercenaries were killed. After that, a group of mercenaries tried to intervene to recover the bodies and the wounded. Our forces targeted an improvised explosive device, the military vehicle that was carrying them destroyed resulted in killing 4 mercenaries and injuring three others during the operation.

As a result of the operations, at least 12 mercenaries were killed and 3 wounded.



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