HRE carried out 3 operations in Afrin , Ezaz

Afrin Liberation Forces (HRE) targeted Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed jihadists in the Afrin and Ezaz regions with 3 operations.

HRE issued a statement in this regard in which it said:

"On 8th June, a sniper unit of our forces targeted the so-called leader of a military police unit. The name of the targeted individual is Mehmmud Camus. The mission was carried out on the road in the town of Mabata. The mentioned terrorist was killed by our sniper.

 On June 8th a heavy weapons unit of our forces targeted a central and strategic military base of the invading Turkish army in the village of Kiljibrin of the Ezaz region. As a result of this operation 1 Turkish soldier was killed and 3 members of a group of Turkish-backed jihadists by the name of "55 brigade" were injured.

On June 8th a sabotage unit of our forces carried out an operation against a military vehicle belonging to a group of Turkish-backed jihadists under the name of El Muntesir Bi Ellah Platoon in the Sena'I region in the Afrin city center. As a result of this operation, the military vehicle was damaged. Information regarding the number of killed and injured in this operation was not verified.

In total 1 Turkish soldier was killed, 1 Turkish-backed jihadist was killed and 3 turkish-backed jihadists were injured as a result of the operations carried out by our forces."

Afrin Liberation Forces

June 9th, 2019


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