HRE targets  center of Turkish intelligence in Azaz

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) announced the implementation of an operation against elements of the Turkish intelligence (MIT) in the city of Azaz, resulted in the elimination of two elements of intelligence and wounding others, including serious injuries.

In the course of the special military operations in the Afrin Liberation Operations campaign announced by the Afrin Liberation Forces earlier, and in retaliation for the martyrs of the Afrin resistance, the forces directed a qualitative blow to the branch of Syria within the Turkish intelligence MIT in the city of Azaz.

The forces said in a statement that revealed the outcome of the operation that "on April 22, after tracking operations during the last period, one of our groups carried out a special military operation targeted a joint headquarters of the Turkish intelligence MIT and the intelligence of the so-called" National Army "mercenary in the city of Azaz.

It pointed out that "the operation led to the killing of two elements of intelligence, one of them named Abu Omar, who is responsible for the Syrian issue in the Turkish intelligence center in Syria."

The forces reported that seven other elements were wounded, including serious cases.

The Afrin Liberation Forces have stepped up their operations against Turkish mercenaries and Turkish soldiers who have been occupying Afrin for more than a year. In recent days, they have destroyed a Turkish tank and killed Turkish soldiers and mercenaries belonging to Turkey.




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