HRE:6 Turkish-backed jihadists and Turkish soldiers killed in Afrin region

Afrin Liberation Forces(HRE) media center issued a stataement in which it revealed the outcoes of the operations carries out against the Turkish mercenareis, where 6 mercenaries were killed.

The HRE media center in a statement sad that:

"Our forces have targeted the bases and gatherings of the invading Turkish army in Afrin and its surroundings with a series of operations. A number of  Turkish soldiers and Turkish-backed jihadists were killed as a result of these operations.

On September 30th, our forces carried out a sniper operation against a Turkish-backed jihadist in the vicinity of Kefer Khashir village of the Azaz region. As a result, the jihadist was killed.

On October 1st, our forces carried out an effective operation against 2 bases belonging to the invading Turkish army in Basile of the Sherawa district. As a result, both 2 bases were destroyed and 2 soldiers were killed and a further 3 soldiers were also injured.

On October 1st, our forces attacked a group of Turkish-backed jihadists in the vicinity of Enabke village of the Shera district. As a result of this operation, 3 jihadists were killed.

On the same date, our forces carried out a sabotage operation against a base belonging to the invading Turkish army in the city center of Afrin. We have not yet at this point been able to clarify the results of this operation.

From September 29th to October 1st, the invading Turkish army and their jihadist gangs, attacked the civilian areas in the villages Aqibe and Bene of the Sherawa district, the villages Shekh Hilal, vicinity of Kefer Naya village and vicinity of Til Rifaht town of the Shehba region by heavy tank fire and haubitzer artillery. Huge material damages was caused to the houses and properties of the villagers due to the heavy shelling."

Afrin Liberation Forces | October 4th 2019

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