Ibrahim Al-Issa: Clans' Forum proved peoples' solidarity

The clan notable, Ibrahim al-Issa, said that the Clans' Forum was a step to unite the tribes in all regions of northern and eastern Syria in order to stand up to the threats and challenges facing the region.

Ibrahim al-Issa, sheikh of Hanada clan, which is based in northern Syria, commented on tribal gathering that was held in the town of Ain Issa last Friday under the auspices of the Syrian Democratic Council in an interview with Hawar news agency.

Al-Issa was one of the tribal sheikhs who participated in the Clans' Forum, which was attended by about 70 tribes from various parts of Syria.

Ibrahim al-Issa said that "holding the forum was necessary to achieve solidarity and cohesion among all clans, and this forum has proved its success through the presence of all the elders of the tribes in the region."

"The meeting was aimed at bringing together all the tribes and deepening national unity among the peoples of the region and discussing the reality of Syria. The meeting was not directed against anyone, but for the sake of cohesion among peoples and discussing problems and seeking to solve them," he said.

He stressed that the forum was necessary to confront the threats facing the region, especially the threats of Turkey, which speaks of demands for the establishment of a safe area under its control in northern Syria, as another type of occupation of Syrian territory.

"We have heard about the harsh criticism through media to this forum, this criticism was not as they claim sound, and during our meeting, any foreign countries nor the Syrian government were addressed, all the focus was on the unity of Syrian territory."

Al-Issa added: the position of the Syrian regime and Russia on holding the forum were: the first said that "the convergence of labor, betrayal and dependence", while the second said that the forum "undermines the political path of Astana."

The sheikh of the Hanada tribe, Ibrahim al-Issa, said that the gathering was good for all those who attended it, and they are elders and dignitaries of the region's tribes.



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