​​​​​​​In less than 24 hour… third Turkish fighter shot down in Libya

On Wednesday, the Libyan National Army announced shooting down a third Turkish drone in less than 24 hours after taking off from the Turkish base at Maitiqa airport.

The announcement came after its air defenses dropped a " Birqadar " aircraft south of the capital Tripoli, while trying to raid army positions.

The official face page for the spokesperson on behalf of the Libyan National Army posted a video showing the drone, after it was shot down by Libyan army units.

The commander of the Military Operations Room in the western region, Major General al-Mabrouk al-Ghazni al-Ghazni, confirmed that the plane was shot down south of Tripoli after taking off from the Turkish base in Maitiqa, where the chamber considers these acts hostile and terrorist, and in violation of the truce declared in the region.


source: agencies


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