Intellectuals: IS defeated, IS' ideology must be eradicated 

Al-Jazeera region's intellectual have congratulated all peoples of liberating of the IS' last strongholds in north and east of Syria, and the intellectuals have urged to redoubled efforts at this stage and to educate the people to end extremist ideas planted by Daesh among the people of the region.

The Syrian Democratic Forces announced today the liberation of all areas of north and east of Syria from Daesh, in this regard, Al-Jazeera region's intellectual have congratulated the world on this victory and explained " we have to redouble our efforts in this stage to educate our people and expel IS' ideas from the minds of the people in the region."

Abdul Rahman Mohammed, explained that: "All the world today joy to victory over Daesh militarily, but most importantly, the elimination of Daesh militarily is to eliminate extremist ideas that influenced some of the people of the areas which were under domination of Daesh in north and east of Syria."

We must join hands together and pay attention to the common culture

Abdul Rahim Mohammed pointed that IS' mercenaries and during the period of their control over many areas in north and east of Syria for 4 years, they found many who believed in radical ideas, and said: "We must all eliminate these ideas that called for killing and extremism and fighting, which contributed to the marginalization of the role Women in society ".

"Many of the regions were experiencing tragic situations during the control of IS' mercenaries," he said. "We have to re-gather and pay attention to the common culture among the peoples of the region through of the democratic nation 's principles."

"We must spread the ideas of good that call for the peoples' fraternity of the region in all its components, and this is a big role on the shoulders of the intellectuals," said the intellectual Abdel Rahman Mohammed.

And added "We pay tribute to the martyrs who sacrificed their blood to liberate the north and east parts of Syria, which now enjoy peace and security thanks to their bloods."



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