Internal Security ... The goal of the killings is to stir up the people against the security forces

The Department of Internal Security Forces in Hasaka confirmed that the aim of the killings that affect the region, especially children, is to ignite discord between the components and provoke the people against the security forces protecting the area.

The sleeper cells of ISIS mercenaries and Turkey continue their terrorist operations in the regions of northern and eastern Syria, with the aim of striking at the security and stability of the region, and sowing discord between its coexisting components under the Autonomous Administration.

Among the operations and crimes recently committed by these cells, which are hostile to the Autonomous Administration project, a 6-year-old child was killed in the city of Raqqa, and four other children from Al-Shaddadi district were injured, after throwing a hand grenade at them.

In this context, the administrator of the Internal Security Forces (Asayiş) in the city of Hasaka, Shafan Suleiman, in a statement to the Hawar News Agency, stated that "the aim of the sleeper cells of ISIS and Turkey's mercenaries, which target our children in the region, is to ignite sedition between the components." and strike the security and stability of the region, and provoke the people against the security forces."

Suleiman indicated, during his speech, that the internal security forces are deployed and mobilized throughout the region to combat these cells that carry out "criminal and terrorist operations" against the people, stressing that their forces arrested a number of them.

Shafan called on the people, to cooperate with the Internal Security Forces, to arrest these cells to achieve security and peace for the people.

Besides, the Turkish occupation is trying through its mercenaries and ISIS cells to strike the stability of the region, after the elimination of ISIS in its last strongholds in the village of Al-Baghouz in the countryside of Deir Ezzor.


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