"International community, Syrian gov must stop silence about Afrin"

The Women's Administration denounced the violations of the Turkish occupation in Afrin after establishing a wall and isolating it from the Syrian territories. The international community must stop its silence regarding the Turkish violations practiced against Afrin residents.

The Turkish occupation state continues its violations in Afrin and the latest of which is construction of a separation wall within the plan to remove Afrin from the Syrian territory as an initial step to be cut and annexed to Turkish territory. In this regard, the Women's Administration in al-Raqqa issued a statement condemning the Turkish violations and denouncing the international silence about it.

The women gathered in front of the Women's House in al-Raqqa to make the statement, which was read by the administrator in the Women's House Sawsan Khalaf, and said:

"We strongly condemn the arbitrary acts and practices of the Turkish occupation through its practices and methods of occupation, which today aims to build a wall of isolation and annex parts of the Syrian territory to its state starting from Afrin city where they spread destruction and devastation, in addition to the demographic change, all this is done while the world standing silent turns a blind eye to it.

Besides, the Turkish occupation brushes aside all international laws, and violates them through aggression and occupation of Syrian territory without accountability, where is the Syrian government's stance of Erdogan's violations of international law? Only watching from distance Syrian territories being cut inch by inch, why? This suggests that the regime only wants to preserve its presence in power no matter parts of the Syrian homeland are occupied or not.

Therefore, we as Syrian people will not accept these actions by Erdogan, and we will defend and fight and resist with all our strength and we hope the international community to show its position on these violations and find solutions to protect Syria from division and external occupation.

The statement ended with chanting slogans calling for the unity of Syrian territory and saluting the Resistance of the Age.



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