International expert: AA is most advanced experience in ME

According to international law expert Mahmoud Patel, the experience of the Autonomous Administration(AA) in northern and eastern Syria is the most advanced experiment in the Middle East so far. He explained that it is an example to be followed among the struggling peoples.

Nine years and the Syrian people is suffering the scourge of conflict between the regime and the conflict groups that claimed to bring freedom to the Syrian people and that have served and still serve the agendas of regional and international countries, led by Turkey. Dozens of cities as Aleppo, Homs and Dara were destroyed, and the death toll of the Syrian people reached nearly half a million in addition to the displacement of more than 10 million others, with the exception of some areas, and constitute the northern and eastern regions of Syria, which followed the third approach based on the democratic nation principle.

 International law expert and professor at the Cape University in South Africa and human rights activist Mahmoud Patel told ANHA that the solidarity of all the components within the AA as well as the participation of the general public categories based on the thought and philosophy of Abdullah Ocalan, made this experience as a good model, in spite of terror, sabotage and destruction.

AA is an example to be followed in the Middle East

"As an African citizen, I see that what the north and east of Syria experience can be taken as an example and can be applied in the rest of the Syrian regions," Patel said

Patel pointed out that the current AA is going through very sensitive stages and faces several difficulties and major obstacles, the most important of which is the refusal of some forces to the idea and experience. He said: "One of the most important obstacles facing the administration and prevent the development of this democratic experiment is the presence of some parties rejecting this experience such as Russia, US, Turkey  and some other parties at home, such as the Syrian regime and Iran."

AA is a revolution against conventions and schemes plotted against peoples

An expert in international law and a professor at the University of Cape in South Africa and a human rights activist described the AA revolution against the conventions and schemes held against the peoples of the Middle East, and said: "After the end of the Ottoman Empire world powers particularly Britain painted road map divided areas according to their colonial political interests , such as the agreements of Lausanne, Sykes-Picot and Sefer. These agreements altered and manipulated the fate and division of the Kurdish people under the interests of the colonial powers of the era. However, the current AA in northern and eastern Syria and its democratic experiment is an uprising against those conventions.

Mahmoud Patel believes that AA in the north and east of Syria guarantees the rights of all components of all spectrums and is the most advanced experiment in the Middle East to date. He said: "The support of the various Western and regional countries, which is moral support must be exploited in the face of all the rejectionist parties, struggle and resistance must be continued in the rights, political and military terms for the people of Rojava and northern and eastern Syria from Kurd, Arab, Syriac, Alawite and Turkmen.



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