Iran sends its defense technology to Yemen to support Houthis

The spokesman for the Iranian forces, Abu al-Fadl Shikaraji, said that Iran has transferred its technological experience in the defense field to Yemen so that the Yemenis can manufacture missiles and drones themselves.

A spokesman for the Iranian forces said, "We do not send missiles to Yemen, but they are now making them themselves," noting that the missiles were sent "to launch them at the heads of their enemies."

He explained that the economic conditions do not allow us to give everything to our allies for free, and they sometimes buy some things from us, noting that "the Yemeni people are smart and possess senior experts who have been able to manufacture advanced drones in record time."

It is noteworthy that Tehran is one of the most supportive of the Houthis with weapons and ballistic missiles, and the Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen had previously shown pictures and remnants of missiles launched by Houthi groups towards the Kingdom, showing that their origin is Iran.

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