Iranian Foreign Ministry: We do not look forward to negotiating with Washington now

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Moussaoui said Iran was not looking forward to negotiating with the United States at the moment and was not paying too much attention to Trump's remarks, stressing that Iranian diplomacy had begun a new phase on the talks.

Iran resorted to offer to negotiate the Gulf states, in return for refusing to conduct any negotiations with the United States currently, in an attempt to circumvent the US sanctions against it.

"Iranian diplomacy has begun a new phase and the Iranian foreign minister will hold talks with other countries in the coming weeks," Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Moussaoui told a news conference.

Moussaoui added that "the countries of the southern Gulf is one of the most important countries neighboring Iran, and the idea of ​​signing a non-aggression agreement is not new has been presented previously by the Minister of Foreign Affairs within the framework of the regional dialogue."

The spokesman for the Iranian Foreign Ministry said that his country "seeks to reduce tension in the region, so we offer the draft non-aggression agreement in good faith and we hope the Gulf countries to deal with the proposal in good faith."

On the other hand, Moussaoui said that Iran "does not look forward to negotiating with the United States at the moment and does not pay much attention to the statements of US President Donald Trump, the important thing is to change the approach and behavior of the United States."

Moussaoui called on European states to abide by their commitments to the nuclear deal

Meanwhile, Iranian National Security Council spokesman Kiwan Khosravi announced that as announced in the National Security Council statement and Iranian President Hassan Rohani, Tehran is continuing to suspend its nuclear obligations in a sequential and phased manner until the situation of selling oil and banking transactions to what it was before Washington unilaterally withdrew from the nuclear agreement.



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