Iraq rejects military Turkish presence on its territories

The Iraqi Foreign Minister rejected the Turkish military presence in all its forms on the Iraqi territories saying that Iraq works on ending this presence in all means.  

In a speech by the Iraqi Foreign Minister, Mohammed Ali Al-Hakim heading a meeting for the Council of the Arab States League Ministers in regular session 152 in Cairo, held yesterday on Tuesday, according to Rojnews Agency.

In his speech al-Hakim offered congratulations and the blesses to the Sudanese Republic on the occasion of signing the constitutional declaration document and forming the new Sudanese government calling the Arab and the regional states and the international community to support the new Sudanese Government to insure its peace and stability.      

The minister in his speech talked on many fundamental issues as the Palestinian cause and the Syrian issues, Libya, Yemen and the Iranian issue which occupies the 3 UAE islands.    

The Turkish violations in the Iraqi territories was the most basic points which Hakim has discussed where he said," as for the Turkish presence on the Iraqi territories, the Iraqi Government is refusing categorically this presence in all its forms and it is working to end this presence in all its forms where the Iraqi Government showed its readiness to cooperate with Turkey in the agreed ways between the 2 countries.      


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