Iraqi army prevents Mexmûr camp's refugees to go to Hewler

The Iraqi army prevented residents of the Mexmûr camp from going to the city of Hewler in protest against the KDP forces preventing the residents of the camp from entering the city of Hewler 11 days ago.


Mexmûr camp, known as "Martyr Rustam Judy" camp, is facing a siege imposed by the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP). For 11 days, the Kurdish Democratic Asayish has prevented the residents of the camp from entering the town of Hewler. These include patients who need treatment and hundreds of workers.

Hundreds of residents of the camp gathered in front of the camp's municipality and decided to walk to the city of Hewler to protest against the practices of the KDP forces, but hundreds of Iraqi army soldiers gathered at the entrance to the camp, preventing residents from leaving the camp.

Roj News explained that the people insist on walking, and demanded to open the way for them.



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