ISF: ISIS exploits occupation’s shelling to launch attacks on the region

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces (ISF)- North and East Syria said that ISIS is exploiting the escalation of Turkish attacks to escalate its attacks and movements inside the city and carrying out bombings.

The General Command of the Internal Security Forces- North and East Syria issued a statement about the bombing in Munir Habib neighborhood of Qamishlo city.

It states:

"In conjunction with the escalation of Turkish aggressive attacks on the areas of northern and eastern Syria, which was exploited by ISIS for its movements and work, a car bomb exploded targeting the restaurant Al-Omari located in Munir Habib Street in Qamishlo, which was witnessing the presence of civilians and journalists who came to our areas to cover the current aggression, wounding nine people, three civilians were martyred, and our ambulance emergency teams are still searching for the wounded or martyrs among the rubble.

We in the internal security forces have already warned that the biggest beneficiary of this aggression is the terrorist organization Daesh, which appears to be beginning to increase its movements since the beginning of the aggression and reorganizing its ranks to revive terrorist thought again.

We also confirm that our security forces were able this morning to arrest sleeper cells of ISIS in one of the neighborhoods in the city of Qamishlo working to coordinate with the Turkish intelligence and provide them with coordinates about the points of our forces.


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