ISIS must be trial on lands where committed their bloodsheds

Faysal Habash, the administrator of the Social Justice Center of Afrin canton, called for the prosecution of ISIS mercenaries in north and east of Syria. He stressed that Turkey, through its threats, is seeking to revive Daesh mercenaries in areas that had been liberated.

The issue of the fate of ISIS mercenaries who are detained by SDF still remains unknown, especially after their countries refused to take them back and try them.

The components of the north and east of Syria are calling for the establishment of an international tribunal to try these elements in the region as the areas where they committed their crimes.

Faysal Habash, an administrator at the Afrin Social Justice Center, spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) about the issue.

'ISIS mercenaries should be prosecuted on Rojava soil'

Habash referred to ISIS mercenaries who committed many crimes during their occupation of north and east of Syria such as " killing, abducting and practicing the most terrible crimes against the people and displacing the population."

And he added" Those whose hands have stained with the bloods of the people in north and east of Syria must be tried in the areas where they committed their crimes "This is the most just move for all the peoples of the region, and all international countries and human rights organizations should support this trial."

'Turkey threats is seeking to revive ISIS

Habash touched upon the Turkish occupation's threats against the areas of north and east of Syria, the Turkish occupation is seeking and through threats to areas of northern and eastern Syria, to create an opportunity for ISIS mercenaries to re-emergence and spread in those areas. "

"Groups such as al-Qaeda and ISIS mercenaries are officially operating in the areas occupied by Turkey in north Syria in general, Afrin and Idlib in particular, where these gangs are preparing for launching attacks against north and east of Syria if Turkey begins the offensive."

'ISIS trial in northern Syria biggest fears of Turkish occupation'

"The establishment of an international tribunal under international auspices on the territories of north and east of Syria would be an official recognition of Autonomous Administration," said Habash.

He stressed that Turkey is seeking in every way to obstruct the file of the trial of ISIS in north and east of Syria in an effort to prevent the recognition of any party, state or organization in that region."



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