Israel approves gas exploration in disputed area with Lebanon

The Israeli government has approved gas exploration in "Alon D", the former Block 72, which would ignite the conflict with Lebanon, according to the Israeli website, "Israel Defense".

The block mentioned is located next to the famous Lebanese "Block 9", and in reading the appeal decision regarding the "Alon D" license from the year 2017, it appears that the Israeli government has refrained for years from granting a license to explore this block due to the fear of the escalation of the conflict with Lebanon.
Currently, it appears that the efforts of the US President Donald Trump's administration have led to a silent agreement between Lebanon and Israel in this regard, and the question is what did Israel cede, and in the appeals documents, the Israeli government covered everything related to this conflict with Lebanon.

In addition to Alon D, there are also Alon F, which are two adjacent blocks that lie at the basis of the maritime dispute between Lebanon and Israel in the Lebanese territoriality, the end of this year.

The search will be carried out by the French "Total" for the benefit of the Lebanese government, and "Total" needs to complete the search for gas in "Block 9" until the end of May 2021.

An additional challenge to the border dispute between Lebanon and Israel is the law recently passed in the US Congress known as the "Caesar Act", which allows the United States to impose sanctions on any entity that supports the Bashar al-Assad government in Syria, including support for external forces operating in Syria in favor of Assad, and this act can deter foreign companies operating in the Lebanese gas field if part of the revenues from energy exploration are used to finance Hezbollah.

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