Israel is readying for "Hezbollah" response

The Israeli army raised its alert status among its forces and the northern region, after Hezbollah announced yesterday evening that one member of its forces had been killed in the recent Israeli raids on Syrian soil.

Israeli Channel 12 reported: "The Israeli army raised the state of alert on the northern border with Lebanon, after Hezbollah announced the killing of one of its militants in the attack by Israeli aircraft on targets in Syria."

Israeli sources indicated that Hezbollah's recognition of the killing of one of its soldiers, Ali Kamel Mohsen, in the Israeli aircraft attack on the Damascus airport area in Syria, means that he will respond to that.

Other sources in the army pointed out that the northern command in the Israeli army raised the preparations and the readiness of the forces, after monitoring preparations by Hezbollah on the Lebanese border.

Earlier, Israel attacked targets in the outskirts of Damascus and the city of Daraa in southern Syria, sources said it belonged to Hezbollah and the Iranian Revolutionary Guards.

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