Israel threatens to target S-300 missile system in Syria

The Israeli Air Force revealed that the Russian S-300 missile system in Syria is threatening its activities in Syria and that Israel is preparing to neutralize it, to achieve freedom of movement at every point during a possible war.

Israel Air Force's senior officer, Tomer Bar, threatened in an interview with the Maariv newspaper on its website and was conveyed by Russia today that "each missile battery threatens our freedom of activity and the completion of our mission may find itself vulnerable to attack."

He added: "It is not correct to stop at the issue of whether the S-300 system is managed by the Syrians, or under the control of the Russians. In all cases, we have to start with the system being ready to address our operations tomorrow morning."

Bar pointed out, "The training course for Syrian staff to deal with the system, which lasted several months ended and may require the training of other crews."

Bar added that the Israeli army "is working in order to not be there a second Hezbollah and Iranian militias in Syria ... We are doing everything we can to ensure that there will be no Iranian presence on the Syrian soil." But he pointed out that the Iranian insistence on positioning in Syria "is still continuing and that Tehran will not give up easily."





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