Israeli army arrested 34 Palestinians in West Bank, Jerusalem

On Tuesday morning, The Israeli army arrested 34 Palestinians during a large-scale arrest campaign carried out in various parts of the West Bank and Jerusalem.

"The Israeli army arrested 22 Palestinians from the West Bank and 12 in Jerusalem after they broke into their homes and destroyed their private property," the Palestinian sources said.

The Israeli media commented on the arrest campaigns by saying: "The army arrested those who described them as wanted, for allegedly participating in activities against the army."

Palestinian sources told our correspondent (ANHA) that the Israeli army has been carrying out raids, searches and storming for several days against the backdrop of the protests in the town of al-Issawiya in the center of Jerusalem between Palestinian youths and the Israeli army.

These protests had resulted in the death of a Palestinian youth in the second decade of his life, and the injury of more than 100 others, shot by the Israeli army.



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