Israeli army arrests 9 Palestinians

The Israeli army arrested 9 Palestinian youths during a wide-scale arrest campaign in various parts of the West Bank, on Thursday morning, while Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Benjamin Netanyahu threatened Hezbollah, Syria and Palestinian factions.

 Our correspondent from Palestinian sources quoted, saying: "The Israeli army arrested 9 young Palestinians from the West Bank after they broke into their homes and seized their personal properties and also money for them."

The Israeli media added that the army arrested those who described them as wanted, allegedly for their participation in activities against the army.

Meanwhile, Israeli Prime Minister and Minister of the Israeli army, Benjamin Netanyahu, threatened on Wednesday evening, Hezbollah, Syria and the Palestinian factions, saying:  "Our enemies in the north and south, the Israeli army has a great destructive power."

This came during a visit by Netanyahu to the massive military exercise conducted by the Israeli army over the past two days, simulating a multi-faceted battle, by land and air, according to Israeli media.



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