Japanese Prime Minister visiting Iran next week, hopes to mediate between Washington, Tehran

In a visit, which is the first since 41 years of the Japanese prime minister to Iran, Shinzo Abe is visiting Tehran next week, officials said, and Tokyo hopes to mediate between Washington and Tehran.

A government official told AFP, "Tokyo is still working to arrange details including the prime minister's meetings there, but local media indicated that Abe would meet the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rowhani."

"The visit will be the first of its kind since 41 years," Kyodo news agency reported.

As tension is mounting between Iran and the United States, which is considered one of Japan's most prominent allies. Sources noted, "Abe suggested conducting mediation between the two countries through direct talks with Iran's leaders."

The US President Donald Trump announced during his state visit to Tokyo in late May that he was still open to talks with Tehran, in what seemed to give the green light to Abe's plan.

Donald Trump withdrew from the nuclear deal between Iran and the major powers in 2015 and re-imposed sanctions. Then, the war of words escalated between the two countries, raising fears of its development into a military conflict after Washington sent an aircraft carrier, a warship, a Patriot missile battery and B-52 bombers to the region.




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