Joint operations: 10 land and four seaports are now fully protected

Today, the Joint Operations Command announced that 10 land and four naval outlets were subjected to full security protection by Iraqi army units.

The leadership said in a statement that "based on the directives of the Prime Minister and the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces to control all border outlets, enforce the law in them and combat abuses and corruption and waste of public money, the Joint Operations Command has begun to allocate security forces to all outlets and the size of the assigned force will be according to the nature of each outlet, Whereas, the responsibility to protect all the outlets on the Iraqi army units was determined. "

The leadership added that “the seaports (Umm Qasr al Shamali, Umm Qasr al Janoubi, Umm Qasr al Awsat, Khor al Zobair) and the land outlets (Shalamcheh, Badra, al Mundhiriyah, Safwan, al Qa’im, Trebil, al Shaib, Zarbatiya, Abu Flus, Arar)”, indicating that "Thus, it became 10 land and four seaports with full protection of the port and the customs campus."

The leadership indicated that "these forces are empowered with all legal powers to hold accountable any violation or from any party whatsoever."



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