Joint patrol between Russian police, Turkish occupation in Kobani

Russian military police have begun the first joint patrols with the Turkish occupation army on the border in the canton of Kobani.

7 armored vehicles of the Russian military police went to the village of Mars Melh (Marj Ismail), located 7 km east of the city of Kobani and waited for the Turkish occupation army, which sent seven armored vehicles after removing parts of the concrete blocks on the border, and then began the joint patrol.

The patrol runs parallel to the Turkish border to the east, the patrol will pass from the village of Qere Mox, 16 km east of Kobane.

This is the first joint patrol to be conducted in Kobani, and comes within the framework of an agreement reached by the Russian sides and the Turkish occupation in Sochi on 22 October.

The Sochi agreement includes joint patrols on the Syrian-Turkish border at a depth of 7 kilometers except the city of Qamishlo.

It should be noted that the first joint patrols in northern Syria came out in the region of Ad-Darbasiyah in Al-Jazeera region on Friday, the first of November.



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