Future Syria Party was formed on March 27 in al-Raqqa city. Then, it started holding meetings in most areas of Rojava and North Syria. They want to unify ranks, thought and confrontation of the hostile policies of liberated areas in North Syria.

In this context, al-Karama people welcomed Future Syria Party hoping to succeed and to prevent the political changes in the region by the allied countries to Syria, as they confirmed to Hawar news agency (ANHA).

"One of the notables of al-Karama area Mohemmed Nour al-Dheb who welcomed with the party calls for a serious language of dialogue" We urgently need such a party that supports our youth and unites their political thought for a long time."

For his part Daham al-Shibli from al-Karama area said "We welcome any person who gives us proper thought, and because we have lived since previous years without any particular organization or goal and without allowing the parties to form councils, committees or parties to run our affairs and put our ideas in the solution, rather than the ruling parties."

Daham added in his speech "We hope Future Syria Party will move towards young people to unite their ranks and confront hostile ideas."

Joud Mohemmed al-Marbid said that the youth of al-Karama will all stand together to determine their political position to prevent any change imposed by the allied countries on dividing Syria and changing the demography of the region.

She added "We hope of Future Syria Party to have the right to give and express women's political ideas after the practices brought by Islamic State and prevented the exercise of their rights such as women."