KCK: KRG statement justifies Turkish offensive, legitimizes occupation

The Kurdistan Communities Union criticized the position of the Southern Kurdistan Regional Government regarding the Turkish raid that targeted Iraqi forces on August 11 in the Bradost region, and said that the government's statement justifies the attack and legitimizes the Turkish occupation.

The Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK) issued a written statement regarding the Turkish raid that targeted an Iraqi army military vehicle, killing and wounding a number of Iraqi officers and soldiers.

The statement reads: “On August 11, 2020, the fascist Turkish occupation state deliberately targeted a vehicle belonging to the Iraqi Border Guard forces in the Kalashin area of ​​the Bradost region in southern Kurdistan where two Iraqi officers were reportedly killed and several others injured in the attack.

KCK added, "it turned out later that both the officer and those who were martyred with them were children of the Bradost clan. We condole the families of the martyrs who were targeted by the Turkish occupation state in its attack against the Bradost region, and we wish them patience and solace."

The statement continued, "Everyone stood against this attack and strongly condemned it. However, the Ministry of Interior in the Government of Southern Kurdistan did not condemn the attack of the Turkish occupation, and did not show any position towards it. On the contrary, it issued a statement justifying the attack and creating excuses for it and took a position that legitimizes this attack. "

The KCK affirmed its rejection of the position and perception on which this statement is based, saying that this position has nothing to do with patriotism and has nothing to do with moral values ​​and conscience, and there is no political, legal or legal justification for this statement.

KCK stated that the statement issued by the Interior Ministry justifies the attacks of the Turkish state, and that it is clear that the statement justifies that the reason for the deliberate attack on the Iraqi border forces is linked to the Kurdish liberation movement and uses it as a pretext, which is a deliberate and purposeful position.

The Kurdistan Communities Union concluded its statement by saying: "That is why the government of Southern Kurdistan must act against these attacks and against the occupation and killing of the Kurds, and unite with the Kurdish people and with the resistance forces that defend Kurdistan. It should also demonstrate a position on these attacks instead of calling Guerrilla fighters." "To get out of the land of southern Kurdistan. This is what our people and our friends aspire to."

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