Khaled: World's states must take firm position to stop Turkish's massacres against our people

The co- chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria has demanded from the international community and world to take decisive position against the massacres which is happening now by Turkish occupation and its gangs against the Syrian people, stressing that who used them Turkey to occupy more Syrian lands they are previous ISIS leaders and to complete ISIS project.

The co-chair of the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, Berivan Khaled, commented on the massacre committed by the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries against the people of Afrin and al-Shahba in Tal Rifaat district in al-Shahba district, which left 20 martyrs and wounded, including 16 children.

"The massacre shows the brutality and barbarity of the Turkish state and its mercenaries, which no discriminate between a child, a civil and a soldier," said Berivna Khaled.

She pointed out that this massacre is not the first of its kind: "It has committed the most heinous crimes in NE, Syria since the beginning of its occupation and to this day committed massacres and crimes against unarmed civilians."

"The co-chair of the Executive Council, Berivan Khaled, regretted the international silence over Turkey's and its most horrific massacres of the Syrian people," he said.

In the name of the Autonomous Administration of North and East of Syria, Berivna Khaled condemned the massacre and appealed to the world to stand up to these attacks and stop the brutality and barbarism of the Turkish state and save the people from the Turkish massacres.

She called on the world and humanitarian organizations to stand with the people of NE, Syria in the face of the barbarity and brutality of the occupation and its mercenaries who are mainly former leaders of ISIS and today revive ISIS with new names.

"The world is silent and does not move about the massacres of Turkey and its mercenaries and terrorism, where the massacres continue against the people who fought ISIS on behalf of the whole world and managed to eliminate it," said Berivan Khaled.

At the end of her speech, she called on the world countries to express a clear stance regarding the crimes against civilians by NATO member Turkey, while offering condolences to the families of the victims of the massacre and wishing a speedy recovery for the injured.



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