Khorshid Deli: Erdogan seeks to get rid of Lausanne Treaty

The researcher and expert in Turkish affairs Khorshid Deli pointed out that Turkish moves in the region are part of Erdogan's efforts to get rid of the Lausanne Treaty and return to the Milli Charter.

The Turkish state continues to make further threats of attacks on northeastern Syria, and wants to occupy the region, whether by launching military attacks or forming a so-called safe area to achieve its goals within new territory.

Erdogan wants to get rid of the Lausanne Treaty but cannot launch an attack without a deal

In the recent period, everyone is looking at the Turkish moves and their ongoing threats to launch attacks on northern and eastern Syria, in this regard the researcher and expert in Turkish affairs Khorshid Deli said to ANHA agency, the framework of Erdogan's vision to get rid of the Lausanne agreement and return to the Milli Charter, where Erdogan believes that there is an opportunity to re-control these areas by exploiting the developments in the region to the use of force, although this policy violates international law International conventions and it threatens the peoples of the region who looked forward to freedom. "

Turkey's threats are blackmail to create an area through which the region's components are excluded

"There is no doubt that the Turkish threats to northern and eastern Syria are a serious danger, but it should be seen that Turkey cannot carry out a military operation without a deal or agreement with the US side, and this is not yet available," he added. Erdogan is pushing the US administration to respond to the Turkish conditions for the establishment of a safe area, which aims to control the eastern Euphrates and exclude the components of the region. He explained, "according to American statements is unlikely to respond to these conditions, which will be at the expense of influence and the US role, so we will witness difficult talks between the two sides in this regard and this requires the components of eastern Euphrates unity in the face of Turkish threats to thwart Turkish plans."

Russia tempts Turkey to get out of NATO

On Turkey's alliances between Russia and the US, he said, "I do not think that the new Turkish-Russian alliance is stable, especially since there are big differences between the two sides in Ukraine and Idlib in Syria."

He added: "It is consistent that Russia wants to get Turkey out of NATO in the context of its historical conflict with the alliance while Turkey is using its proximity to Russia to get concessions from Europe and America in favor of its agenda, but there are serious weaknesses in the structure of the state and Erdogan would play on the contradictions between the West and Russia More of these points and turn into security and political crises threaten Erdogan's policy and options, especially as the internal crises have escalated in the recent period, and all this would lead to a period of instability, especially as Erdogan is now practicing the most severe repression at home.



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