Kobani doctors: The strength of the Kurds lies in the unity of their political forces

A number of doctors in the city of Kobani stressed the need to unify the Kurdish class, not to waste the available historical opportunities, and not to be drawn into narrow partisan disputes that do not serve the interests of the Kurdish people, and stressed that the strength of the Kurds lies in uniting the parties.

Efforts are still continued to achieve rapprochement between the Kurdish parties and achieve unity in the Kurdish ranks, and thus to form a unified political reference for the Kurds in Rojava, in light of the risks and threats to the region as a result of military, political and media attacks on the regions of northern and eastern Syria from several directions, most notably Turkey.

Calls through the media, and movements on the ground, and yet the scene is still hazy and no concrete steps for a Kurdish-Kurdish consensus that will renounce the decades-old differences and draw attention to the common challenges of all Kurdish parties, institutions and forces, which are challenges facing the Kurdish people in general.

In this context, Dr. Ahmed Qadir, from the city of Kobani, told Hawar news agency (ANHA), "The news circulated recently regarding the unification of the Kurdish class is very promising."

He stressed that the unification of the Kurdish ranks and the ongoing attempts to achieve this are an important step, and continued, saying, "Unifying the view of the Kurdish parties will show the reality of the Turkish state's attacks on the region under the pretext of fighting the PKK and not the Kurdish people, and our unity will prove Turkey's goal which is to eliminate the Kurdish presence and not fight one party."

"If the chances of achieving unity are lost, then the parties bear the responsibility."

As for Dr. Muhammad Arif Ali, he says, "After the victories that were achieved in northern and eastern Syria by SDF, Turkey attacked the region to eliminate these gains and victories."

Muhammad Arif, speaking to Hawar news agency (ANHA), stressed that "the best solution in this difficult and sensitive stage is to work to unify the Kurdish ranks, and not to waste this historic opportunity from our hands, and if we lose this opportunity, the Kurdish parties bear the responsibility of the danger that will affect the existence of the Kurdish people."

In the same context, Dr. Bakhtiar Modarras Hussein, believes that many historical opportunities were lost by the Kurdish people in the ten years of the Syrian crisis, as a result of the lack of unification of the Kurdish vision and the differences between the parties.

He continued, speaking to Hawar news agency (ANHA), that "the Kurdish people in the current stage have a good position on the global level thanks to the sacrifices made by the Syrian Democratic Forces, we have victories and sacred gains that we do not want these sacrifices went in vain."

At the end of his speech, Dr. Bakhtiar, saying, "The strength of the Kurds lies in the unification and solidarity of the Kurdish parties that have to make concessions, and the Democratic Union Party in particular must make concessions so that we can achieve unification of the Kurdish class because this is necessary in relation to the Kurdish presence and preserving the gains."



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