Kobani, Girê Spî cantons get ready for Newroz celebrations

Kobani and Girê Spî cantons in the Euphrates region are preparing for the celebration of Newroz this year. According to the supervising committees, the artistic bands have finished their preparations and the ISF continue to secure the celebrations.


The people of Kobani canton are preparing to receive Newroz eid this year with the ecstasy of victory over Daesh, as diverse bands prepare their presentations inspired by the reality, in conjunction with the intense deployment of the internal security forces (ISF)two days before the start of the celebration.

Only two days are left for millions of celebrators till the big day comes where they celebrate on the top of mountains and hills, and in the squares of cities and streets where people massively flow on 21st of March each year.

As usual, the Kobani canton is preparing this year for the celebration of Newroz in 2019 with the joy of imminent elimination of IS.

With the slogan "In the spirit of Newroz, we will step up the struggle and break the isolation and liberate Afrin." The Kurds are preparing in Kobani to celebrate Newroz this year on the "Mashta Nour" hill overlooking the city.

Khaled Jaradah a member of the preparatory committee called on Syrians in the areas of Raqqa, Manbij, al-Tabqa and Ain Issa to participate in the big celebration on the 21st of this month in Kobani.

The public squares and main roads of the city were adorned with flags and slogans calling for an intensification of the struggle to achieve the objectives of the revolution. The preparatory committee completed the work of preparing a stage on the Mashta Noor hill.

Artistic, theatrical bands are preparing to participate in Newroz 2019

A number of theatrical bands of Baki Khaddo Center for Culture and Art in the city of Kobani are preparing to perform their presentations inspired by the reality experienced by the components of northern and eastern Syria in the last few years, especially the resistance against terrorism and Turkish violations in Afrin.

The Kulava band for singing, the Sinan band for dancing, the Berivan band for singing, the Mashta Noor band for singing, the Botan band for singing, the Heritage band, the Lalish band for singing and the Botan Youth band for singing are preparing to participate in the eid with their revolutionary and folkloric songs.

The internal security forces mobilize days before Newroz

The general command of the internal security forces in Kobani canton announced their full alert, days before the start of the Newroz eid in the city.

The command deployed additional elements at the entrances to the city and near the checkpoints as a "precautionary measure" to prevent any emergency that would affect the celebration of Newroz.

ISF administrator Zozan Mohammed called on people to contribute with the forces to maintaining security within the city and to report any cases of suspicion.

Girê Spî is preparing to receive a different Newroz this year

The preparatory committee for Newroz Day in Girê Spî canton has completed its preparations for the celebration of eid this year on the 24th of this month.

According to the preparatory committee all components of the canton "Kurds, Arabs, Turkmens, Armenians will participate in the events of the eid."

It will also include artistic bands from all components including "Dabka band of the Turkmen component, Dabka band of the Arab component, Daha Dabka of Bedouin, Dabka band of the Kurdish component, diverse Kurdish and Arab singing bands, theatrical bands as well as delivering poems.

Speaking to our agency, member of the preparatory committee of the Cultural Center in Girê Spî Mohammed Ismail said that this year's celebration will embody the culture and folklore of all the components and peoples of the region, as each component will have a special band to participate in the celebration.

On the other hand, the concerned bodies have provided all necessary preparations and security and medical measures to ensure the safety of the people during the celebration.



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