Kongra Star demands to stop violence against women

Kongra Star has condemned the crime committed against the young woman whose name is Rasha Bassis, and demanded human rights organizations to express serious and firm positions against the fascists and occupiers to end these crimes committed against women and society.


On Wednesday night, videos were leaked showing the crime against of  young woman Rasha Bassis, She is from Jarablus city, where Erdogan's mercenaries raped and exposed the young woman, and then her brother, who is also a mercenary, killed her. In this regard, the Kongra Star released a statement demanding states and humanitarian organizations to put an end to these violations

The text of the statement:

To world public opinion and media

Yesterday, a video was leaked of a young woman victim exposed to kidnapping of Erdogan's mercenaries, where the  young woman Rasha Basis has been raped in the occupied areas of Jarablus city, but the young woman has resisted, so that they have exposed her and her brother, who is also a mercenary, killed her in a hideous way.

The Turkish occupation always boasts of creating security and safety in the areas occupied by it, but through this video has posted on social networking sites again, it turns out to be mere lies and slander and the fact of fascist and mental fascist occupation of the community and women, as Erdogan avenges the achievements of women in this revolution, A good example of this is what happened in Afrin. All the events are the same. The systematic violence against women comes from the same mindset. It purposes to undermine the will of women. In Afrin they brutally attacked the achievements of women saturated with freedom and the leader's approach Apo.

Women have always been the object of injustice and violence, and to break these morale, committing these crimes in order to spread fear between their hearts and make them helpless and accept the status quo, so condemn and denounce these crimes against women and support all women and appeal to them by resistance and appeal to all women in Syria from all components to stand up against  these crimes and not bow to fascism and resistance to end the occupation.

We as Kongra Star in Rojava strongly denounce the crimes committed against women and demand human rights organizations which claim humanity to show serious and firm positions against fascism and occupiers to end these tragedies against women and society."



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