Kongra Star in Aleppo condemns Turkish authorities’ actions against the shrines of martyrs

Kongra Star in Aleppo condemned the violations of the Turkish authorities against the shrines of the martyrs, and said that Turkey is violating international laws by its actions, appealing to humanitarian organizations to hold them accountable.

The Turkish authorities continue their practices by destroying the shrines of martyrs in Bakur (North Kurdistan), and in this context, Kongra Star in Sheikh Maksoud and Ashrafiyeh neighborhoods issued a statement to public opinion.

The statement was attended by administrators, members of Kongra Star and representatives of political parties in the neighborhoods, and the text of the statement:

We strongly condemn and denounce the violations committed by the Turkish-Erdoganian state as it is destroying the sanctities, values ​​and heritage of peoples, not in one part but in all parts occupied by the fascist Turkish state, which is the shrines of heroes who sacrificed themselves for the freedom of peoples.

The Erdogan government is working hard to restore the Ottoman authority and its glory, so it intimidates the people and practices the most brutal methods of killing, destroying, vandalizing, and psychological pressure with its sordid actions that are neither acceptable to religion nor sect.

While the world is turning a blind eye to these practices taking place, here we wonder where are human rights as Erdogan violate all laws and international charters? He is bombing the shrines of martyrs and civilians, and exhuming their graves, this indicates the slander of the Turkish state.

We appeal to all human rights and humanitarian organizations and living consciences and say to them, human rights advocates, hold your conscience accountable and intervene immediately to stop these terrorist and illegal criminal acts against shrines. "

The statement ended with chanting slogans that glorify the martyrs.

Of note, the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries destroy the shrines of the martyrs in any area they occupy, so many reports have been published, and many documents have proven that the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries’ intent on destroying the shrines, and tampering with the sanctities of the people in Başûr, Bakur and Rojava Kurdistan, which is considered a systematic policy pursued against the peoples of the region.


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