Kongra Star's Coordination condemned killing of a woman in Afrin

The General Coordination  of Kongra denounced the killing of a woman by the mercenaries of the Turkish occupation in Afrin in one of the city squares.


in the past few days, a video of a mercenary has been circulated harassing a woman in the occupied city of Afrin. When the woman refused, the mercenary killed her in front of the world's eye in one of the city squares. In this regard, the General Coordination of Kongra Star issued a statement condemning the practices of the occupation against women


The statement of Kongra Star noted:

"The occupation of the Turkish state of Afrin and which followed the policy of brutal attacks on villages and towns and cities and killed hundreds of children and women and the elderly who preferred death to leave and abandon their land and homeland after two months of resistance and steadfastness in the face of the largest fascist and bloody force and a year of the occupation and the crimes and looting property of the people which forced them to leave their homes and subject them to various kinds of fear, intimidation, torture and the settlement of terrorist factions that aim to build their extremist regime away from human and moral values.

Killing of Kurdish women by one of the factions of the occupation and shooting in the middle of one of the squares of the city of Afrin and in front of the eyes of the public, this brutal crime is added to the list of crimes committed by the occupation and dictatorship of Erdogan who still support these mercenaries .

We call on the international human rights organizations and civil society organizations to intervene to stop these crimes committed on a daily basis by the Turkish occupation factions, in which women are the victims most affected. "



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