Kurdish intellectuals: Solving the Kurdish issue is the way to democratize Middle East

Kurdish intellectuals stressed the importance of uniting the Kurdish vision at this stage in order to be able to obtain their legitimate rights and to confront the conspiracies and genocide policies they are subjected to, stressing that the world is waiting a new political and economic system, and resolving the Kurdish issue is the way to democratize the Middle East.

Many Kurdish parties in Rojava and north-eastern Syria continue negotiations and meetings of the Kurdish rapprochement in an effort to unify the Kurdish visions that came in response to many initiatives that called for unity of the Kurdish class, including the initiative of the Commander in Chief of the Syrian Democratic Forces and initiatives and calls by various societal sects, in addition to the efforts of international countries such as the United States and France in bringing the Kurdish parties closer.

In this regard, our agency ANHA interviewed with a member of the Union of Intellectuals in Afrin canton, Avendar Haftaro, who pointed out that the Kurds are in urgent need of unity, especially in light of the current global and regional conditions, as the world is heading towards a new political, administrative and economic system, so that the regional countries, especially the occupied territories of Kurdistan, suffer from many crises political and economic, he said: "So the Kurdish forces have a historic opportunity to obtain the rights of their people."

He continued, "This stage is also the stage of existence and non-existence for the Kurds, so all differences between the Kurdish parties and forces must be resolved at the present time and focus on the issue of the Kurdish people in general, and take advantage of the history of the ancient Kurdish kingdoms that were unified and with a good relationship with all other kingdoms and live with everyone in peace. "

In the same context, a member of the Union of Intellectuals in Afrin canton, Hassan Ibish, said: "There is no doubt that the world is on the verge of political and economic change and systems change, and this is a critical stage for all of humanity, and the Kurds should take advantage of these changes to gain their rights that were taken from them for decades."

Ibish said at the end of his speech: "The world system and the great powers fighting for influence in the Middle East region finally realized that there is no solution in the Middle East without resolving the Kurdish issue, because the solution to this issue will be the only way towards democratizing the region and salvation from crises and dictatorial and tyrannical regimes, and replacing peace".



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