Kurdish notables: Turkey wants to repeat ISIS massacres, Kurdish parties must be united

Kurdish clans' notables in Ad-Derbasiya district said that the Turkish occupation's attacks on north and east of Syria is to repeat the massacres committed by ISIS against our people, demanding to unite Kurdish row.

In this context, a number of notables of the Kurdish clans in Ad-Derbasiya district in al-Hasakah canton expressed their condemnation of this aggression and international silence about it.

"One of the Yazidi notables," said Delf Delf said that "These attacks target all components of northern and eastern Syria, and Turkey's attacks are a continuation of a large-scale occupation plan. Turkey is using ISIS in its aggression but with different flags and names."

And added "We have seen what ISIS has done to the people, especially the Yazidi component of Şengal. Now Turkey is trying to repeat the same scenario against the people of northern and eastern Syria."

Delf, confirmed their confidence in their forces, the Syrian Democratic Forces, which will protect them from Turkish aggression, "we will always support and support our troops," he said.

He called on the Kurdish parties to expedite the declaration of their unity, he continued, "The Kurdish National Council is working for its agendas and interests and not for the benefit of the Kurdish people, so they should work for our interest.

For his part Mousa al-Sino one of the notable of Sarokan clan "It is time to unite the Kurdish ranks and work for the benefit of our people, despite having many meetings with the National Council, but they always invoke fake arguments."

He pointed out that the Turkish occupation uses the terrorists in its attacks on the areas of northern and eastern Syria to revive his Ottoman dream, "We have seen what they did in Serêkaniyê and the rest of the areas they occupy. Always target civilians directly with the aim of exterminating the people of the region."

At the end of his speech, Sino reiterated his support for their military forces and expressed confidence in the SDF to protect them and defeat the Turkish occupation.



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