Kurdish politician asserts that KDP's policies would bring woes to Kurdish people

Ahmed Khalil, a Kurdish politician, warned that the Kurdistan Democratic Party's (KDP) insistence on colluding with the Turkish state will lead to dire consequences that will affect the Kurds.

In the latest escalation, the Head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Masoud Barzani, issued hostile statements that came as a declaration of war against the Kurdish Liberation Movement and paved the way for igniting an infighting among the Kurds that would threaten the future of the Kurdish people if it occurred.

Barzani's statements come in parallel with field movements and fortifications of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces near the legitimate defense zones with the aim of besieging the Guerrilla and dragging it into a battle that Kurds do not want.

In this context, Khalil said: "The time we are going through now is very sensitive and historic for the four parts of Kurdistan, as there are many risks for the gains of Başûr and Rojava Revolutions (south and west) of Kurdistan."

Regarding the movements of the Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) forces, Khalil added: "The meetings between the KDP and the Justice and Development Party, the last of which was between Nechirvan Barzani and Mevlüt Çavuşolu will only bring woes to the Kurdish people."

The Kurdish politician stressed that "there is no benefit to any Kurdish party from this fighting, except for the enemies of the Kurdish people, and I mean the Turkish state."

Igniting an internal war would be for the benefit of the clan

On the KDP's insistence on igniting the war, Khalil said: "The brotherhood war does not bring benefit to our people, and history is a witness on this basis. We must learn from the ordeals we have gone through and work to preserve the gains achieved."

Khalil indicated that if the KDP insists on provoking war, "and this is something we do not wish, society, institutions and parties representing the Kurdish people must break the silence to stop this mistake."

"Here we can say that accepting and working to ignite a war aims to achieve the goals of the enemies to preserve the existence of the clan and achieve personal interest."

Kurdistan people stood with Başûr in its ordeal

Khalil reminded Masoud Barzani of Kurdistan parts standing beside the people of Başûr in their ordeal, "In 1991, when there was a mass displacement of the people of Başûr, they did not remember how the four parts of Kurdistan stood beside the Kurdistan Democratic Party, and today the party must fulfill its pledges to work in the interest of Kurdistan and not in the personal interest."

Safeguarding forces for Kurdistan

Regarding the positions and statements of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement, Khalil said: "The position of the Kurdistan Liberation Movement is clear since its formation. They do not want to create Kurdish-Kurdish fighting, but rather their goal is to protect the Kurdish people from massacres and firmans, and to preserve their rights."

He said: "We saw this by working to protect Maxmûr, participating in the liberation of Şengal and its sanctities, in addition to making sacrifices. The Guerrilla forces are forces to protect and preserve Hewlêr and all parts of Kurdistan."

He continued: "Mr. Masoud Barzani sent his thanks to these forces that stood side by side with the Peshmerga during the days of ISIS threat."

The Kurdish National Council obstructs the Kurdish national unity path's

Khalil linked the policies of the KDP and the Kurdish National Council, describing the demands and conditions of the Kurdish National Council after the meetings with the leaders of the Turkish MIT and the Democratic Party to stop learning in the mother tongue and cancel the co-presidency as "demands that are truly incapable."

In the same context, he continued: "The demands aim to thwart initiatives and obstructing unity, as the demands are unrealistic and far from the public interest, so how can we teach again our children the Syrian government's curricula that does not recognize our culture and identity?"



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