​​​​​​​Kurdish unity deters conspires of countries against Kurdish people

Families of the martyrs in the Tal Tamer district have made it clear that the occupation’s goal of its attacks on the mountains of Kurdistan is to exterminate the Kurds and restore Ottoman hegemony, demanding that the Kurdish parties to unit that will be a deterrent conspiring countries against the Kurdish people.

The Turkish occupation state has been continuing its attacks on the mountains of (Haftanin) and the defensive areas of Medya in southern Kurdistan for more than a month, under the pretext of establishing a safe zone in the Kurdistan region.

The Turkish occupation is trying, through its interventions in the northeast of Syria (Rojava), the regions of southern Kurdistan and the Medya defense areas, to destroy the gains of the Kurdish people, in addition to fighting the Kurdish Cause.

It also aims to restore the Ottoman hegemony and authority in the region to obscure the identity of the peoples of the region, led by the Kurdish people.

On this subject, "Hawar" news agency held meetings with the families of the martyrs in the Tel Tamr district, and the father of the three martyrs "Bashir Akef, Ahmed Akef, Saud Boutan," Hamid Sheikh Habib, who condemned the Turkish attacks in the region.

They fight the Kurds wherever they are

The occupation’s attack on the mountains of (Haftinin) and the defensive medya regions in southern Kurdistan and its entry into the depth of the Kurdistan region, proves that the occupation aims not only to fight the PKK, but also the Kurds in all parts of Kurdistan.

Hamid Sheikh Habib says: "The Turkish state, headed by the tyrant Erdogan, is fighting the Kurdish people wherever they are, and for this they attack all parts of Kurdistan."

One part will fall, others will follow 

Sheikh Habib called on the political and military leaders and the Kurdish people in all parts of Kurdistan to unify the Kurdish issue and stand in the face of the Turkish occupation state, "because Turkey was saying that it would overthrow Afrin as it had brought down Kirkuk. If the Kurds did not unite, all our regions would be located."

Sheikh Habib stated that “Turkey is a liar; there is no safe zone that the Turkish state can create, so it exploits the Free Army in Syria and turns it into mercenaries in order to fight the Kurds and launch attacks on the regions of northeast of Syria (Rojava) under the pretext of establishing a safe zone that has been shown to everyone by leaving the area and raising slogans and pictures of the Ottoman Sultans. "

When it comes to the Kurdish issue, the litigants unite

Hamid Sheikh Habib continued his speech by saying: "When it comes to the Kurdish issue, the occupier of the four parts of Kurdistan unite despite their differences to become an enemy of the Kurds and their cause. Therefore, the Kurds must unite to face of all the states that are territorial to Kurdistan and who are trying to obliterate the identity of the Kurdish people."

As for the martyr’s father, Damhat, Muhammad Tahir, he pointed out that the Turkish occupation seeks through its foreign interventions in neighboring countries and its fight against the peoples of the region from Kurds, Arabs and Syrians to restore the history of the Ottoman Empire and obliterate the Kurdish identity.

The safe zone is an excuse to continue its war against the Kurds

And the Turkish occupation state started its attacks on the Qandil Mountains and the defensive Medya regions under the pretext of establishing a safe zone with a depth of 40 to 50 km within the territory of the Kurdistan Region. Taher believes that the attacks are "just an excuse to complete what it started with Afrin, Serêkaniyê and Girê Spî / Tel Abyad, occupation" Turks and fighting the Kurds. "

The unity of the Kurdish ranks will be a deterrent force against the conspirators

Taher explained: "The unity will be a great force that can deter attacks on Kurdistan, protect the Kurdish people, and achieve the goals and aspirations of thousands of martyrs, and that with the unity of the Kurds, no one can compromise the Kurdish Cause and come close to it."

Tahir stated in his speech, that they, like the families of the martyrs, call on the regional government to stand by all Kurdish parties and military forces to defend Kurdistan and the cause of its people.

Resistance in Heftanin is blessed and victory will be for the peoples of the region

Taher indicated, that they have children of martyrs and are ready to provide the rest of their children for the sake of the Kurdish Cause and its four parts.

Taher said at the end of his speech: "The resistance that the fighters are making in the mountains of Kurdistan and the mountains of Hiftan is a blessed and holy, and the fighters who carry weapons and are fighting in the face of the occupation are our children. We live now thanks to them, and we must resist until victory."

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